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"GameSpy hits the streets with some digital friends in EA's latest update to the Sims 2 world."

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See how The Sims 2 offers a unique experience for console players!

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Gamespot gets the scoop on Nightlife from Tim LeTourneau

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Find out what the stars are saying about you for the month of September!

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Are you planning a night out on the town? Invite all your friends with The Sims 2 Nightlife-themed Evite invitation!

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The Sims 2 Nightlife

"Today, Electronic Arts announced that The Sims 2: Nightlife has gone gold and will ship as scheduled on September 13."

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Send your friends more Nightlife e-cards!

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"It's easy to get lost in adding all of the new stuff and styles to your house to make it an even cooler place for your sims to hang out but there's a ton of new places to go and interactions to have with other sims as well."

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"Now Maxis is seeking to bring the experience to all the major consoles, and after spending a little time with a prerelease build of the game, we're happy to report that the essentials seem to have been preserved, with a few console-specific goodies thrown in for good measure."

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We'll be launching our first ever Sims 2 Community Podcast soon. Submit your interview questions for our producers today!

Very soon we're going to launch our first in a series of Sims 2 podcasts. Podcasts are sort of like a radio show you can download and listen to (


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