SNW Home 3x3 #1 - Zen & Quirky (Unfurnished, 2004)

Friday, April 24, 2020 - 21:00


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I built this house back in 2004 and I only used the basegame back then, since we didn't have expansion packs yet! I was mostly trying out new techniques in the game, since the game was still fairly new to me. And we could do SO much compared to the first The Sims!

I especially love the carport/driveway, the quirky stairs leading up the house, and a trellis like area on the right side of the lot. I loved how this lot was just different from what I usually built.

Years later, I still remember the exterior of this house. Quite vividly too. I just didn't remember how messed up the inside was. I did create a few rooms (but only a few). And I clearly had no inspiration, as the inside was covered with exterior textures, not even the same ones I used outside. To top it off, I forgot to add wall textures to one room. I really don't know why. But I did.

For nostalgia reasons, and if people want to compare the house to the 2020 version, and to the Sims 4 version, I decided to upload it. I did however add wall textures to the room that didn't have any. If you are going to download a house for The Sims 2, I do suggest you download the 2020 version haha.

It doesn't contain any custom content.

To get the house in your game, simply download the ZIP file. Extract it. Then double click the sims2pack file. This should automatically launch the Sims2Pack installer from the game.