The Rainbow House

Saturday, November 23, 2013 - 02:37


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This is The Rainbow House, or Rainbow Sunshine House. The shape sort of resembles the sun, hence sunshine. The rainbow part, well that's quite obvious! I built this lot on 405 Intrinsic Way in Oasis Landing. You can place the lot anywhere you want, but I thought I'd just add that, in case you want to place the lot on the exact same location as I have it on the photos!

Do your Simmies like happy or berry coloured homes? This house is called the Rainbow House for a reason. As you can clearly see on the screenshots, the walls have bright colours, each floor has 3 different colours.

Outside there are a couple of shrubs. There is also room for 2 cars and 3 bicycles. And I added a telescope to see the stars! Down the back of the house you will find a fire pit with 6 chairs.

Downstairs you enter the house straight into the living room. The living room has a neat modular sofa area, with a futuristic TV in front of it. On one side there is a bookcase and a holographic easel, and on the other side you can see the stereo, elevator, laser rhythm-a-con, plumbot charging station and a pretty plant section, looking straight through to the side of the house. The side of the house has a futuristic wall with forest scenery, and on the other side there is room for indoor harvestable plants. In fact, there are already three crystal plants present, but you can add more or remove them if you like. There is also a new electric guitar for your Sims to jam on. Continuing to the back you will end up in the kitchen. The kitchen is luxurious and has everything your Sims need to cook a nice meal. There's a table for four Sims, and a high chair for the little ones. In the kitchen is more forest scenery on the wall. Back in the living room you can also go into the little room also known as the downstairs bathroom. Has an all-in-one bathroom and a potty chair for the tiny tots.

Going upstairs you see a fairly simple and empty hallway. You can go to the master bedroom, nursery, or bathroom. The master bedroom has a dream pod, chess table, fitness equipment, dresser and fancy mirror. The nursery has a crib, bookcase, sofa, toy box and another potty chair. The bathroom has a proper bathtub, shower, and toilet.

The top floor has a hallway with desk, arcarde machine, shelves to put all your Sims' clutter on, bookcase, and a dresser. There are three rooms on the top floor, of which two are bedrooms. One bedroom is suitable for all ages, but might be best for a child or teen, as it has a single bed, desk with fancy computer, bookcase and an armchair. The other room is also suitable for children or teens, as there is a bunkbed, another desk with computer, bookcase, and armchair. Both bedrooms have transparent ceilings, allowing your Sims to stare at the stars when they are trying to fall asleep at night. The final room on the top floor is another bathroom. This one has a shower, toilet and sink with cool mirror.

The Rainbow House is perfect for Sims who love happy coloured homes, or maybe Berry Sims? Anyway it's definitely an eye catcher for Oasis Landing!

For fun I added a few screens which show the house in fall and winter as well. All screens were taken in a Utopian setting.